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Birgit Kuester August 28, 2022 Proposal
Today, I'm gonna show you how to build the roofing proposal that will close itself. You're ready, let's get started.

The Perfect Roofing Proposal

So, your proposal should be built like a sales letter, but what's a sales letter? Well, for a century now, people have been using sales letters to convert prospects just with the written word. And now today, we can actually even add media to this proposal, but strong copy is still the key. So, what's copy ?, copy is like if you see an advertisement, all the words is copy. So it's like copy writing, copy just means the words that you put into a sales letter. Now, how can we make the perfect copy? Well, you can review 100 greatest sales letters of all time, and get some ideas from there as you build yours. You can click that link just below, and review those hundred letters. Those are the most popular sales letters in our time.
Attention Getter
What actually converts a customer? All this information has to be in the right order, and then we have to apply that to our proposal. The first thing that we need to do in this proposal is the attention getters, just like when you're in high school or college, and we took English, and they're showing us how to write. The first thing you do when writing anything is to grab someone's attention. How can we grab their attention? Instead of writing roof proposal across the top of that, you know on the front page instead of writing a roof proposal put something different.
You know, all the other roofers gonna have proposal, you can say something like a guidebook to solving your roofing issues, or you can say how we will solve your leaks. Something clever, something amazing, but you get to decide that. But remember the idea, it's an attention getter. It's going to stand out when it's laying on this person's desk. It's gonna stand out, and that's what you want.
The next thing to get their attention is to have something that looks very familiar to them. Well, what would that be their building. You want a picture of their building. Whether it's the front of the building, if you want some brownie points, get an aerial shot of that building the roof. And if you have a drone, that's great. A lot of these satellite pictures aren't very clear. So, you don't want to look tacky, you want it to look sharp, so just get an area of folding you know do something like that.
Problem Solution
Next, we're gonna want to define their pain points. That means all the nasty things that they own on that roof. So if there's a nasty pipe flashing that's leaking and has a little pocket, maybe a fish mouth, or something. We're going to, maybe put a pencil in there, or something to show how big that fish mouth is, and how nasty that pipe plashing is. And then we're gonna show them one of our pipe flashings, with the materials that we're gonna use that roof. We're going to show this picture of how it's gonna look after you guys solve their pain point.
And then we do that with also the Air Conditioning units, or the curbs, anything the parapet walls. You're going to show a picture of the air conditioning units curb, and then you gonna show the new picture of one that you've already done, this is how it's gonna look. Then you're gonna show the parapet wall, how this is all leaking, and this is how we're gonna do the parapet wall differently, possibly encapsulating. Either way we're gonna find their pain points, and then we're gonna show them, how we solve those pain points.
Social Proof
The next thing we wanted to do is, show them, why they should trust you. Everyone wants to buy from someone they know, and in this case they may not know you. But if you show them social proof well, that will totally convince them. So you need to show what you've done for other customers. How you transformed their buildings, and what transformations you provided for them. You want to show them what sort of transformations you provided for other customers, and how do we do that.
Well, you wanna in this section insert testimonials from at least 3 to 5 of your customers. And maybe in the beginning, if you just crossed over into commercial, you're gonna have to use some other testimonials. But start developing those testimonials, and then also you're going to want references. So, collect references and then start doing testimonial letters from those customers. And also another reference letter that you'd want to have is from the manufacturer of the product that you're going to be installing. So you can usually call up the national sales manager, or the regional manager from that manufacturer. And they're going to write you a letter, and so you want to make sure that they say some really nice things about you in that letter.
Detailed Scope of Work
Next is time to show the critical path, that's where we're going to insert this balanced detailed scope of work. And remember, you wanna have more detail in your scope of work than your competitors. But you don't want it to be too detailed where it can box you in. What do I mean by that? Well, for example, if you're using termination metal, or maybe a coping cap that edge termination, if you just handed them a color chart that has all these colors. This is a mistake many roofers make. Then they may choose a color that if you order it. It may take up to 3 to 6 months to get that color. For example, everyone knows what medium bronze is, but they may look and say, "ah, I'd rather have mansard brown". Well, they're pretty close in color.
So why even put that on the chart, so limit their choices. Another example is a terracotta, maybe a standard color that's available. Whereas if you showed them all of that, they might say; "well, I want the copper penny". Well, they're very close. So, why not just show them the standard colors, because you don't want to have to wait on installing this roof for 6 months, while we're waiting on the metal to be made. So that's an example that we don't want to give too much detail, but a lot of detail. So that way you're wowing them over the competitors.
The Close
Now the next section that you're going to insert into this proposal that will close itself is you have to show the ROI. You have to show the ROI, that's the return on investment. So this is where you're gonna insert the energy analysis that you've done on the roof, and show them how much money they're going to save. Then we also want to show them how much money they're gonna save on maintenance. So, with this product, you're gonna be maintenance free. You're gonna forget about this roof. You're gonna probably have this roof sold, or you're going to be retired before you have to worry about this roof ever again.
So, point that out, build that up. We're talking about the return on investment that ROI. And this is where you're going to write in that tax information. If you know about the 1790s, that's a tax credit that they can get. So, any kind of tax credits of energy efficiency, any of those, things that will help them to save a lot of money per square foot on their building. This is where you're going to write that information.
And then the next thing we're adding into this proposal is creating that sense of urgency. So, this is not the impending doom, it's kind of similar. But a little softer what you wanna do. Then give them the schedule link. You might have on your website, where they can actually schedule the job. And in this situation, you gotta be honest. But, let's face it, you gotta block out some of those dates, because if they think that you're gonna start tomorrow, they may not go with you. So you can even be booked up for 2 months, but go ahead, and give them some dates to choose from. It's best to only give people 2 choices, maybe 3. And just say that; "well, I can start in six weeks", or "we going to start in 9 weeks", and then I have another one that's possibly in twelve weeks. So, these are the time frames that you can start your job in.
But, if you do need to get that job, you can generate some revenue, then you can always call them back, and mention how someone ordered a color. And that's not going to be available for 6 months. And so we have another opening spot, if you want to be moved up. So we could always work around those things. So we're creating a sense of urgency.
Now you also want to outline in your proposal that it's only good, this price is only good for 15 to 30 days. Maybe 15 days, it depends on how you want to write this. If you're talking trying to sell someone that has a board of directors, then, it may need 30 days. That's another reason why you don't want to give them too many details, because could you imagine them sitting around saying: "well, I want to the copper penny color", or whatever. So, limiting some of those other selections. And in this case too, we're gonna tell them that it's only good for 15 days, maybe 30 days, depending on what you wanna put in there.
And then, you tell them the reason why, is because materials costs are fluctuating, and I can't guarantee that this price will be the same. And in that way, it is sort of an impending doom cell at towards the end. But, that's okay, this is really soft. They're not going to feel like they're being overwhelmed by being pressured to do something.
And we're almost done guys. What else do we have left? Let's just do a review. We talked about the attention getter, we talked about building value, defining their pain points, and showing them pictures of how we're gonna solve those, we're given them social proof where we laid out a critical path of what is going to be done, and then we showed them a sense of urgency that would be needed. So, you see how this is gonna close. So what would be left, well, it's the actual agreement, but we used to call these contracts. We used to ask for the signature. But let's think about the terminology. We know that some terms can put people off or scare them, because these ideas of these terms make them fearful. It's like a nice sign in my life away.
So, we definitely want to use the term agreement with them, and endorsement, and. So it's not called a contract, this agreement. Though that you're putting in here this contract, it truly a contract. It's a legally binding contract. Now, if you've been using a contract that you found on a website or whatsoever. This is a very important thing to think about. You don't want to use that contract, or you can use it as the basis. But you have to hire a construction attorney from your State. You have to let them look over it, and do some tweaks on this, because each state is different.
We don't know where that original contract I used to use a contract that buy from office depot. But, that's not a good thing to use when it comes to commercial contracts, because there could be some situations that can get you in trouble. Who's gonna protect you?, your construction attorney. So, be sure to hire when spend the extra money. Make sure that you have a solid contract where you're gonna be safe.
The last thing is the endorsement that signature you're asking for that endorsement. Nowadays, there's new technology, there's technology that they actually integrate versus sign into the roofing proposal. So you can use any kind of virtual signature and look into. This is pretty neat stuff, because most of the building owners that you're dealing with may be purchasing multiple deal of buildings. So that's it guys. We're done.
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