Youth Development Program:

The Youth Development Program focuses on academic achievement, leadership development, and strengthening ties to family, and culture. 250 youth from kindergarten to 12th grade are served each year through two major programs:

Future Bound Youth (FBY)

The goals of the FBY program are to nurture youth’s development and enhance their social and academic skills so they can reach productive, satisfying, and economically promising futures. FBY activities include after school tutoring, culture specific lessons, games, summer enrichment programs, health/wellness programs, and parent support groups.

Youth Intervention Program (YIP)

The goals of the YIP program are to prevent crime, drug use, and gang activity. In addition, the staff serves as a liaison between the public schools and Cambodian parents. YIP provide support for at risk youth and families, offers alternatives to negative behavior for Cambodian youth ages 10-21, and emphasize positive parenting skills and self-esteem